Yarrow is a medicinal weed named the Greek hero, Achilles best known for his vulnerable heel. The Aztecs made poultices from the leaves and flowers to treat sores and made tea cure coughs, diarrhea, and other digestive problems. The Cheyenne called the plant 'i ha i  se e yo' meaning cough medicine. The herb is also commonly referred to as 'woundwort' due to the plant's ability to stop bleeding when its 

juices are applied to wounds and cuts. When taken as a hot tea, its  diaphoretic properties increase body temperature, open pores, stimulate sweating, and balances circulation, which makes it a useful herb for treating colds and fevers. It purifies the blood and eliminates waste as the body heals from sickness. Yarrow can aid the female reproductive system during menstruation and against yeast infections. The Navajo Indians considered Yarrow to be “life medicine” and chewed  on the leaves to stop toothache pain. Spiritually, Yarrow is ruled by Venus and water. It has been used for protection, to quell fear and grant courage. It is used in wedding decorations to ensure long-lasting love for at least 7 years and it is often used in  love spells. Yarrow flowers can be made into a tea to improve psychic powers. It is also used to exorcise evil and negativity from a person, place, or thing. 

Caution: Do not yarrow if you are pregnant or allergic to herbs in the aster family (i.e. ragweed, chamomile, chrysanthemum).

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