Violet, Viola spp. is a medicinal weed. It is a perennial with a slender stem, heart-shaped leaf, and a tender purple or tricolor flower. The flowers bloom in early spring and fall off by late spring/early summer once the weather changes. Violet is associated with Artemis the goddess of the moon and the hunt. It is an excellent blood cleanser and can prevent the growth of tumors. It has the ability to dissolve cysts and other forms of hardening in the body. Violet can alleviate chronic skin issues such as rashes, scabies, psoriasis, dandruff, herpes, wounds, and eczema. It is supportive to the respiratory system and can help reduce a fever, alleviate cold & flu symptoms, and soothe sore throat & dry cough. It is also helpful for relieving digestive upsets such as ulcers and constipation. Spiritually, Violet is ruled by Venus & water. It can help move stagnation, protect from negative energy, bring a positive change in luck, fulfill wishes, promote love, invoke lust, calm tempers, and assist in healing.

Caution: Do not use Violet if you have very sensitive skin the fresh leaves can cause contact dermatitis. Never use the seeds or roots of the plant because it can cause upset stomach, nervousness, or blood pressure irregularities.