Plantain, Plantago major and Plantago lanceolata, is a medicinal weed. It grows in a basal rosette, can have either ovate leaves with parallel veins (plantago major) or lanceolate leaves with parallel veins (plantago lanceolata) on a thin stalk, narrow greens flowers growing on a thin stalk that turns brown with white flowers once it’s ready to seed. The seed is also known as Psyllium and is used as a bulk laxative. Plantain is native to Europe and came to the Americas in the shoes of colonizers. The Aztecs ate Psyllium seeds as a high-fiber food. North Carolina Hoodoos would place a Plantain leaf on the wrist of a person who had a fever and the individual would be cured once the leaf turned brown.  Plantain reduces inflammation and prevents infection by killing bacteria and microorganisms. It is a great first aid remedy and can be used to treat burns, splinters, stings, poison ivy, rashes, and cuts. It can help heal bronchitis and chronic coughs. Plantain is also helpful in treating cancer and tumors. Spiritually, Plantain is ruled by Venus & earth and can be used for exorcism and to remove spells, in addition to promoting health, strength, and protection. 

Caution: Do not use plantain if you have profuse respiratory or nasal congestion or mucus. Drink plenty of water when using psyllium seed as a laxative.

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