Cleavers, Galium aparine is an edible and medicinal herb, although due to its texture it is more commonly used as a medicinal herb than for food. They are annuals with long sticky square  stems, oblong lanceolate leaves that encircle the stem in groups of 6-8 leaves, and tiny white to greenish flowers. Cleavers received its name from its ability to cling to clothing or fur of animals. It can alleviate spasmodic coughs. It is astringent and draws out toxins, lymphatic cleanser, supports the kidneys, and reduces inflammation. It acts as a diuretic, blood purifier, and detoxifies the body. Spiritually it is ruled by Saturn and fire and embodies tenacity and commitment. 

Caution: Do not take it during pregnancy, if you are taking blood thinners, or if you have existing kidney issues. Excessive amounts can cause internal bleeding.