Chicory, Cichorium intybus is an edible and medicinal weed. It has hairy stems, oblong alternating leaves, and blue flowers. Various Native American tribes used  chicory as a liver purifier. The  Cherokee used it as a nerve tonic. Chicory has similar constituents as the dandelion plant. The roasted root is used as a substitute for coffee, and can be boiled and eaten, while the leaves have been used as a vegetable. It is commonly used to aid the digestive system, support the liver, and acts as a laxative. The leaves can be used to make a poultice to treat inflamed skin conditions. Spiritually, Chicory is ruled by the energy of Sun & air, and it can help with removing obstacles.

Caution: No known contraindications or precautions.

Chicory is a part of Sweet Like Honey Herbals 'Easy Come, Easy Go' digestive tincture formula.