Burdock, Arctium lappa 

Burdock is both an edible and medicinal weed. It is a perennial plant with large leaves and a purple thistle-like flower. The root contains inulin which regulates blood sugar (not to be confused with insulin). The root is edible and is often used in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine. It was used by the Cherokee and Iroquois tribes to purify the blood and aid in circulation. Burdock can help with rheumatism and inflammatory skin eruptions & conditions. It strengthens & protects the liver, purifies the blood, detoxifies the body, and strengthens the stomach. Burdock is antibacterial and can reduce inflammation. Spiritually, Burdock is ruled by the energy of Venus & water and can help get to the root of an issue and cleanse unresolved emotions, anger, and negativity.  

Caution: It contains lactones which can cause contact dermatitis. Burdock can lower blood sugar, do not use it with diabetic medications.

Burdock can be found in Sweet Like Honey Herbals' 'Gotta Watch My Shugga' tincture